torsdag 28 oktober 2010

ett kulinariskt möte i Turin

"Upon sitting down I noticed a girl in a very unique blue dress. I later learned her dress and the ones of the other speakers and guest visitors were celebratory garments from the Sami culture."

När jag var i Turin, om än tiden var knapp, han jag möta många intressanta människor, bland annat den unga kvinnan bakom matbloggen the chef with the red shoes. Här hittar ni hennes artikel, sami culture and cuisine om den samiska provsmakningen jag deltog i.

"For the next hour and a half I learned lovely things about a Nordic culture that blended with modern society but still strived to preserve ways of the past for future generations."

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Anonym sa...

Hi there! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog with such kind words. You have great anecdotes on your blog, I will be checking back regularly. Take care! Ci Vediamo!